Dedicated to the Art of Gracious Entertaining.

Cuvée is one of the most exquisite spaces in the city. Join Chicago’s elite while they sip from the extraordinary champagne list and take in the impeccable décor designed to envelop you in opulence. Book a private party or reservation for a special celebration in our elevated table service area and enjoy unparalleled service under the radiant chandeliers.


Formerly Downtown Entertainment, LLC, Spot On Group holds a vast amount of experience in the hospitality industry.  With its roots stemming from successful establishments like The Union Bar of Iowa City (coined the Biggest Bar in the Big 10 and praised by publications like GQ and Playboy), Downtown Entertainment blossomed in Chicago with the opening of Enclave.  Now known as Spot On Group, the team operates the acclaimed River North lounges Cuvée and SHAY, which regularly play host to world-renowned athletes, actors, artists, and musicians.